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A lot to do!

In West Iceland travellers can enjoy the variety and beauty of the Icelandic countryside. Magnificent views of mountains and glaciers, verdant districts, varied bird life, flourishing rivers and lakes, fjords, bays and bubbling geothermals provide travelers with lots of options for exploring and enjoying this beautiful area.

Hiking trails

There are many popular hiking trails, diversed in difficulty, near Hótel Laxárbakki. To name a few these are very popular:

  • Síldarmannagötur from the bottom of Hvalfjordur over to Skorradalur

  • Leggjabrjótur between Thingvellir and Botnsdalur in Hvalfjordur

  • Akrafjall is a beautifully shaped mountain seen from Akranes and from the top you have a wide view. Popular hiking trails are to both of mountain´s two peeks Háahnúk (555 m), which is the southern tip and Geirmundartind (643 m). Just remember to write your name in the guestbook

  • Heiðarhorn is the highest peak in Skarðsheiði (1053 m) a bit more advanced hike and might be a good idea to have a guide.•    

  • Hafnarfjall (844 m) closed to Borgarnes. This peek is a part of a volcano that was active for 4 million years ago   

  • Baula (934 m) one of the landmark in Borgarfjörður a conical shaped rhyolite mountain. A bit hard to hike some times it feels like one step up and two steps down

  • Skessuhorn (963 m) in Skarðsheiði is one of the characteristic mountains for west Iceland a very graceful mountain with steep hillsides and views over Borgarfjörður

Bird watching

Hotel Laxárbakki is located on the banks of river Laxá at the Grunnafjörður nature reserve. In 1996, Grunnafjörður protected area (14,7 km²) was designated as an international important wetland in accordance with the Ramsar Convention. Grunnafjörður‘s fertile soil, together with other biological factors, makes the area an eminently suitable habitat for plants and animals.

The area is internationally important for Brant geese (Branta bernicla), red knots (Calidris canutus) and sanderlings (Calidris alba). Many waterfowl, such as purple sandpipers (Calidris maritimal), dunlins (Calidris alpina), ringed plovers (Charadrius hiaticula) and Eurasian oyster catchers (Haematopus ostrlegus) depend on the mudflats‘ fauna for their survival.

Photo: Sigurjón Einarsson, of Brant geese.


Golf enthusiasts can choose from 10 golf courses in West Iceland and near Hotel Laxárbakki we have two excellent 18 hole courses, Garðavöllur in Akranes and Hamarsvöllur in Borgarnes, than we have 9 hole courses in Húsafell and at Bifröst. Further away there are golf courses in the Snæfellsnes peninsula

Swimming pools

After a full day of activities, relaxing at one of the local swimming pools nearby is a great way to conclude your day. 

  • Hreppslaug is an old pool with hot tubs in the country side worth visit

  • Heiðarborg is our local indoor pool in Heiðarskóli í Leirársveit.

  • Hlaðir is our local outdoor pool at Hlaðir next to the War & Peace museum

  • Akranes swimmingpool have nice hot tub area and a one waterslide for the kids

  • Borgarnes have outdoor and indoor swimmingpools and three waterslides 

  • Krauma is a geothermal baths at Deildartunguhver,  Europe’s most powerful hot spring

Photo: War & Peace museum, located next to Hlaðir


Near Hótel Laxárbakki there are many exciting and educating museums.

  • Ullarselið, The Wool centre at Hvanneyri

  • The agricultural museum of Iceland at Hvanneyri

  • War and peace museum at Hlaðir

  • Akranes folk museum

  • The Settlement center in Borgarnes

  • Borgarnes museum


Photo: ​


Visiting a farm where country life is happening

- How cool is that? 




The Bjarteyjarsandur farm is owned and operated by three different families, all specializing in their different fields; i.e. farming, tourism, education, food processing, and machine work. The farm is situated in a beautiful by the fjord with a lovely seashore. The same family has lived in Bjarteyjarsandur since 1887.
Visit for more information.

A unique experience in Iceland:



Photo: War and peace museum

Enjoy the Icelandic nature on horseback



Ridingtours in small groups between 13:00 - 18:00

Each tour takes

about 1,5 - 2 hours

Further information:



In Hvalfjörður many areas are covered in trees and scrub forest like Botnsdalur, which is in the end or the bottom of Hvalfjörður and areas along the northern side of the fjord such as Módalur, Saurbæjarhlíð, Vatnaskógur and Svarfhólsskógur.

Northeast of Akrafjall is a planted forest that local forestry began planting some 70 years ago and is today growing and thriving. Little further near Hafnarfjall is Hafnarskógur that is a rugged birch forest and part of it is protected.

A lot of wild flowers grow in Hvalfjördur and increase its natural beauty both for guests as well as inhabitants.

Skýringarmynd: Landbúnaðarháskóli Íslands

Easy & fun outdoor activities for most age groups:



In Icelandic language, Foss means a waterfall and from Hotel Laxárbakki is a 1500 m walk to Laxfoss. A bit further up the river we have Hundsfoss and Kattafossar, than Sunnefjufoss and Breiðifoss and where Laxá runs from lake Eyrarvatn we have Eyrarfoss.
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